Runescape - Welcome to Golden City Menaphos!

Runescape is one of the most popular, is currently on the market the most durable MMORPG game. Now, the title is "Menaphos: Golden City" The biggest possibility may be the most important extension. So the opening of the Egyptian city of Menaphos this is already twelve years of the game, but the gates have not yet gone.

Welcome menaphos!

With the biggest content update, now in Runescape open the door for the players, however, did not walk in front of the mysterious city of Menaphos on the map. The developer has the desire of the player, not a week to offer a minor update, but the big extension is released as a whole.

Conventional enhancement

16 years of MMO excitement with fun tasks and complex stories still fascinated by millions of players. In order to keep MMO interesting, constantly developing new content is now added to the three-month interval. Previously unknown areas and challenges waiting for Runescape players and members have been expanded even at no additional cost.

2017 years on June 05 the door opened Menaphos players last. And we are: at first glance, everything is calm and orderly. People go under their own responsibility, planted in the park a large number of palm trees and the sun every day shining in the desert city. But it is not gold, flickering in Menaphos.

New City - new ruler

With Menaphos launched a new adventure so you can look forward to a new role: Pharaoh. Had a mighty ruler, but had undergone tremendous changes over the years. While almost no one got his eyes, but he was afraid of hardworking society, no other. In the city, more and more corrupt phenomena spread, which should be tolerated by Pharaoh and guidance. Every time the task, you come to the ruler's mask behind the secret a little closer. In the course of the story, you will oppose the Pharaoh rebellion that began to oppose the threat of oppression.

In addition to Pharaoh you should also learn Crondis know the goddess of the desert. It is very interesting to see that there is her back to a woman's body and the head of the crocodile. Your task is to judge a person's soul, or the paradise is eaten by her. But the evil soul of the diet has never been ignored her. Over the years, the sins of their victims have been anchored in their character, which is important for the history of Menaphos.

The huge pyramids and the tombs of the maze offer many opportunities to make the troops your character test. Depth study of the story of urban residents, a treasure hunter to understand what kind of ancient tombs, why the area so long still closed. Is in almost every one you can explore by Menaphos brand new. So far, no one of the people in the area is approachable, there is a story. With a city, you can almost completely interact with the population to expand.