Released a new addition to RuneScape

Although old for sixteen years, MMORPG RuneScape got new expansion, which in the words of the developers is not the last

Publishing house Jagex has renewed longstanding MMORPG RuneScape that stubbornly resists the ravages of time new addition called Menaphos: The Golden City.

In an accompanying the press release states that this is the first massive expansion and that the new follow in the months / years to come, but the main features are mentioned four questions related to the story, procedurally-generated scenarios, new dungeons Slayer, the new mini-game Shifting Tombs and seq.

In addition to new content, developers are up some graphical improvements throughout the game, especially the desert areas, and to promote, this will supplement be possible to test for the upcoming weekend.

The developers note that the Menaphos: The Golden City mainly intended for players higher stages of development, although the fresh access to most content, and details about everything can be found here.