Nature Ranger Elite uniforms cutting wood

From 00:00 GMT on March 9 at 23:59 UTC in the March 13 three tree fashion collection under the title, and combine them to make uniform character of the elite favorite with the guard.

How can I get the clothes?

There are to collect three five-piece outfit in this period: Oak Ranger uniform. Willow Ranger uniform. Maple guard uniforms.

It will be a outfit is available in each of the first three days, so check later each day. All three will be available for the last two.

Cutting the equivalent of the three groups can be integrated into a portion of the elite version: Ranger uniform character. Not only it looks pretty darn sweet, but it comes with a range of great benefits of training your woodcutting.

What are the advantages? Wear matching one of the five basic groups cut for the enjoyment of the following: an increase of 5% to the success rate of logging. 5% increased risk of getting on the nests of the birds. 5 daily contact facilities to a select group of logging sites. Automatically records choice burn when it broke (25% chance).

Wearing guard uniforms nature of the elite as a whole provides a wide range of functions: 7% increase in the rate of success; 7% increase for bird nests. 20 daily teleports to an extensive list of logging sites. The option to automatically burn or register Fletcher when cutting (25% probability), the ability to close the evil trees (along the lines of the Taj festival of Passover).

The ability to turn a bad day mini tree. These scales with your level and acts as a divine site, but not your maximum count.

Note that none of the logging four groups also bestow benefits lumberjack clothing, property.