Agents anger - Ronisban bonuses - Arch improvements

Demonic happened in the game, the benefits of the new program Ronisban and some great additions to the bow - it's a celebration of joy in RuneScape update this week.

agents anger

General Nimora General Overnik sent emissaries to the surface of Antqamyin Geleanor. To help them collect prizes Alsaqot enemies and reap the benefits.

Talk to Mtheraos or Zimanthreya in the semi-Deimunhim Island to start.

From now until 23:59 GMT, April 2, you can collect Zamurakih slogans through skills training activities and training regularly.

In the hands of 1000 logos per day to open the bonuses, including uniforms and agent Forez complete with demonic horns and bring the wings.

If you fancy speed things, or if you miss a few days and you need to catch up, you can increase the daily cap on the logos by Roncoanz spending the reward shop.

Ronisban rewards

The new apprentice magician has arrived outside Ronisban, with a reward shop of his own too. Re-routing gate - buy once: in exchange for points earned Ronisban hard-won, see the following topics. It allows the trainee to re-port routing between middle and high floors. Transportation disk Ronssador - Tiliports you when they are running directly Runzver, even on the floor. You should Ronisban to use it. Yellow processor space transport - disc Tiliports you directly to the yellow processor when they want your attention. You should Ronisban to use it. The core is unstable - the core of stackable that can be used on the altar to S, but do not deserve ruins. 10 used at the same time, at a high speed. Master Ronkerafter robes - now available from Ronisban! Sanctuary transport discs - consumables that takes you to the specific massacres.

Sagittarius improvements

I also brought you a range of improvements to the arc, fresh from the game we loved Jam ZB ZB last weekend.

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