Wilderness Of Runescape Game

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The wilderness changes back to what it was before the update of 2011. There will still be some worlds with the current wilderness. Not ridiculously safe as Revenants return stronger than ever using all combat types with Eoc abilities(including both threshold and ultimate abilities). There will also be PvP worlds and/or wilderness worlds. I don't think it's a matter of implementing servers with the old combat to rejuvenate rs3's wilderness.

IMO the reason the wilderness is dead is because there is nothing in the wilderness to attract players. Warbands has been monopolised and doesn't happen often enough, abyss runecrafting is not worth it since the runespan xp rates are far superior, Jagex decided to make a teleport to kbd, there are more rune rocks outside of the wilderness, the list goes on.There has to be something worth while to do in the wilderness. That's the only way I see the wilderness coming back to it's former glory, if even slightly.

The current player base is not what it used to be, a good majority of rs3's players treat this game as a chore rather than to have fun.Unfortunately I can't see anything happen with the wilderness for a while to come. Jagex seems to busy keeping the 'lore' minority happy.I think that would be kinda hard, seems like a newer version of Old School called 'Middle School' (literally) would need to be released in order to bring back the Old Wilderness of that time period.I would suggest 1 if its that meaningful to an amount of players but I wouldn't mind either way and i think the wilderness should be removed and cities should be added.

for warbands i think those can be relocated to someplace else. pking is dead..? actually do people still use the crucible? idk but anyway i think the wilderness is dead it's a barren wasteland and it honestly serves no purpose anymore. i think adding cities or better content would be a great idea, but some one think it wouldn't, the fact you've said the wilderness is dead content and should be removed shows you've never viewed a youtube video in your life. Pking isn't dead, there's just no reason to go into the wilderness.

other activities around it. Zombie training for lower lvls, zombies gave players something to do while awaiting for war , Revenant hunting , Green dragons , and the surprise , excitement and danger of a rogue revs roaming into the clan wars area. This would help revitalize the Wild and Clan wars.

Most of players hated the new update now,it cant attract players’ eyes,some players said  the game used to be based around the wildy (see the vids made bye the wilderness guardians) and to make stop runescape falling down a black hole we schould make the game about the wildy again.... if not the game will slowly die out.You can tell me,How do you think about that ? Do you like the old wilderness or new ?