What we need to fix Deadman mode

There's a vicious circle going on within DMM right now Jagex, and the fact is you may just not be aware. High level clans have taken over all the questing areas needed to get the necessary resources like Runescape gold in order to compete. This was inevitably going to be the case, we all said it before DMM was being released. The following is my opinion only, but I believe it would do wonders to make this mode more enjoyable, (and playable) for those of us that weren't on for the first week it existed.

We must do away with the quest requirements. Bear with me for a moment on this. Clans know that if everyone else has no access to wearing the best weapons, or using the best spells, they can never truly have competition. I feel that if we removed the quest requirements, and instead implemented something such as the mage tutor at lumbridge switching your spell-books, at a cost of 250 k per switch every-time you switch, we could begin rebuilding the populace of DMM. This doesn't take away the incentive to do the quest of course, because 250 k isn't exactly chump change on a mode like this. The incentive to complete something such as desert treasure comes in the form of switching your spell-books for free once completed. (at the designated temple of course) Incentive for completing monkey madness lies in the fact that clans would still have control of the dragon scimitars that enter the economy, but we the general populace would have to buy them at their inflated market price, thus giving incentive to continue holding the island, but creating equality among players.

The fact is, most players that come into this mode are diehard Runescape players, the most hardcore of the hardcore. We all know the best spots to train, the fastest ways to raise skills, yadda yadda. We need more of them however, we need to spread the populace out.

Currently, we are forcing all players into a choke point for resources. I've gone to a lot of obscure training areas myself in search of wealth, and I still quite consistently am getting Pk'd, even in the most obscure spots. Additional dragon spawns, boss spawns, slayer monster spawns, and perhaps a few random new monsters specific to this game mode which could drop some new Deadman-Type Weapons (Lets make them corrupted and substantially powerful). We need to give players a reason to spread out as much as possible, and have there be a real risk vs reward incentive for those that choose to venture into areas that are very populated. (In summary, the little guy can go to an obscure spot while still starting to build a bank, the bigger guy can attempt whatever he wants, but at least at this point he will have a chance to defend himself, which is not currently the case.)

Why not? Lets have some items that aren't lost on death but do absolutely nothing for PvP/Pking purposes. Lets say you can buy them from the tutors in Lumbridge, at 50 k a pop, and they last 12 hours of in game combat time with monsters only. They aren't permanent, we've created another gold sink, the economy would be stimulated once again, lower leveled players could get stats faster and get on par with the better players, and perhaps we can begin to see some balance. You'd even have the graphics done on them already (use the old corrupted dragon armor/weapons graphics.)

That’s all i want share with you guys,thanks for your reading and have a nice day!