Understanding for freshman

Today,i would like to talk something about my experience of my early time in the deadman mode of Runescape 2007 server.I do not know if you guys had played in the deadman mode ever,but i am a loyal member in that mode,it is a super time from the fresh to familiar.I have some memories like diary below to share with you.

I spent 4 hours tonight on deadman mode, the exp is insane, and it feels rewarding, however, since I just started tonight, I was 90+ levels behind seemingly everyone else. I died about 11 times, i died in lumbridge 10 of those 11 times, just trying to get started. The game might be fun to those who were on day one, and spent hours farming to get super ahead of the people who would join later, and maybe that's the point of it. but there's no real way for people who are just starting to catch up at all. Each time I died, it was with a bank worth less than 1 k GP. training bow/arrows, 100 or so feathers, and a fly fishing rod, I'd catch about 5 trout, then someone would run up with either a magic short-bow, or a dds and kill me.

This game-mode is supremely anti-fun to anyone who is just starting off now, and it'd be cool if there was some implementation of a catch up mechanic, like a real-ish "safe zone" for people who have less than x level in any skill or maybe just a world for beginner players, that way they'd have some way to start the game without having to spend 20 minutes chopping/fletching logs, gather enough money for a fishing rod and a pack of feathers, then as previously stated, would die to someone speccing me for some crazy number of damage since I have no gear from all the deaths. this experience CANNOT be only me, as having talked to some friends, as well as a lot of random people in-game that have had several similar experiences. I don't think having a nob-friendly world, or at least zone, would really hurt the deadman mode community, since it would have special requirements, and couldn't really be abused if set-up properly. if anything it'd probably keep a lot of us from quitting after day one and hopefully make this game-mode more fun, or at least a little more fair for everyone. Just thought I'd voice how it is for people who are just starting off, since we're probably in the minority, and a lot of people probably just rage quit and give up.

Rather than spending any time writing out how bad the experience is for them. I do not however think that just making it "discouraged" from killing nobs, since nobody seemed to have any remorse whatsoever, whenever they slew me and got my 0 GP bank key. Not to say the community for this game-mode is just this soulless cesspool of blank holes, but there are a lot of people doing really scummy things, they might not even realize is scummy. say maybe instead, instead of losing everything, losing everything but say 1 k GP or so, and yes, I'm aware there is a deposit box, however, whenever I tried to buy an item to make my few hundred gold into an actual item, i was instead killed by a dds suiciders, who again, got my 800 RSGP cash stack and that was literally it. Any feedback would be appreciated, and please understand if this message seems like I have an attitude, it's because I just spent the last 3 hours doing the aforementioned.

I am really appreciate people who give their understanding for a “new fish” in the game,thus there will be a better game environment,what’s more,a more perfect game world!