Something about the solo players

Today,i have something to talk about the solo in the Deadman mode,there are so many crazy guys in the Runescape 2007,so, the solo activities is a hot thing for players in their daily game life.

When I first started playing Deadman, I really enjoyed it. The quick experience took away the boring "grind" feeling you get when leveling stats. The PvP anywhere gave me that Pking adrenaline feel.But after a little while, I realized that the game mode makes it almost purposeless for solo players to play. The mode encourages group play. It encourages you to form clans. In most cases, a single player is no match for a group of Pkers.

The problem is that once you kill someone, you get a skull and you're unable to retreat to safety. You practically have to continue hiding, or be able to outlast any battles you encounter. If you run into a clan, you're pretty much done for. Not only do you lose the items you worked for, but you lose your stats. It's a big hit to your account. This would make it very difficult to successfully profit from Pking because you're unable to bank the items due to not being allowed within a safe zone.

So to break it down:As a Solo player, it's hard to kill someone. Once you do, you have to fend for yourself before being able to go back to a safe zone and bank.A clan is able to easily kill people in multi-zones. They don't have to worry about retreating to a safe zone. Perhaps kills in non-multi zones give you a pass that allows you to get back into safe zones without being attacked by guards?

As of right now, I tried thinking deeper into the future of what my plans would be in Deadman, but as a solo player, I realized that it's futile if I don't have a team. Being skulked for a set time without being able to bank is just too great of a risk to make the game worthwhile. Especially when death has significant consequences.

If you're playing deadman as if it was standard wilderness Pking, then you are not going to be able to survive. When you die, everything is lost. The game is about surviving. You need to be in hiding whilst you have a skull, as you are a walking target. There are plenty of places that are not populated at all and there are some banks you can use whilst skulked.

That is all i want to share with you guys today,and i will be glad to hear different voice from you,have a nice day!

At the end of the text, i hope you guys can harvest a lot in this quest, and also have a great time during the process, see you! - RSGPclub provide.