See value of your own key

First of all I'd like to start off with saying that; wow - deadman mode is awesome. I absolutely love this mode and i am now more hyped about this mode than i was about the return of Old school Runescape when that was announced. It didn't use to be like that for me in terms of Deadman Mode, i wasn't even gonna play this mode until like 1-2 days before release i was like; OK i will give this a shot and probably return to normal OSRS after a day. But i was wrong! This mode is really fantastic, even as a solo player i absolutely enjoy this mode, its everything i could ask for. Jagex really succeeded on this one, in my opinion.

That’s why i don't get where all the rant is coming from. I've suffered plenty of brutal deaths already that really set me back, played for over 80 hours since i died and still haven't recovered entirely from that death, but not only is that how Deadman Mode should be; brutal deaths, that’s also how Old school should be, with harsh deaths.

There’s no risk to dying on Old school, dying should be very bad for you, in Deadman Mode death is absolutely brutal which is something i like. What worse,you will lose Runescape gold when you were dead.Also the community i see on Deadman Mode is great, obviously there’s the scammers and stuffs like there always will be, but when fishing you actually have lots of people interacting and paying attention rather than grind scape players calculating how much efficiency it takes to get the next level. But anyways my point is, Deadman Mode worked out much better than i thought it would. The only thing is attacking in safe-zones, i like the idea of nowhere being safe, but it makes no sense for anyone to attack in a safe-zone if they cant escape the guards which isn't the case right now. So Jagex should either do 1 of the following:Make "Safe Zones" completely safe by removing the ability attack in them.And make it possible somehow to escape the guards so it actually makes sense for other than suiciders to attack within these zones.

I honestly dont get where all the hate/ranting is coming from regarding this mode, people crying for fixed combat limits, but seriously cant you see how bad that is going to be abused? People will intentionally stay low combat and knockout quests and skills with high def high hp before leveling their combat, completely risk-free? It should remain 3-126 anything else is horrible. I thought this mode would be much more punishing to low levels than it is, its not punishing at all. I thought people/clans would sit outside lumbridge just waiting for people to leave lumbridge for then to slay them so they would never be able to level up, its not like that at all, goblins/chickens are super safe and its even possible to train your combat in safe-zones.

Anyways, enough about that, what i really wanted to say is that it would be nice to see what ur bank-key is worth when clicking "View items kept on death" so i hope they would implement this feature so you have an idea of how much your* gonna be losing on death so that you can maybe decide to sell some of these items in exchange of a deposit box item. I know the value of the key isn't completely accurate, but it gives a hint as to whether it may be a super good idea to sell some of that stuff or what not.Have a nice day,see you guys!