Existing or New content

Everything has the necessity of its existence,but everything has good and bad sides.With the change of the times, the old things will be replaced by new things,Old things will inject new elements according to the change of times.there are new content in runescape game, they can save more Runescape Gold and  Runescape Powerleveling easily.

a long long time ago in a Q+A session mods had brought up that they were working on Construction updates. About 2 years ago or a year ago.

And according to a reliable insider source, we were supposed to get construction updates by the end of the year.

However- I think a long time ago what they were actually working were Clan Citadels. I bet they were going to have it be part of your house or construction, but soon became it's own thing altogether.

In the past few months Jagex has been looking at and asking for Construction suggestions. This likely means that they are working on Construction updates but they won't be released for a good while.

Construction needs more- more decor, more rooms, more use, more fun.

I have been waiting for ages to redo my house (years actually) because I do not want to waste money redoing my house then redoing it a second time when new updates appear.

Constructions updates would be wonderful. IMO woodcutting and agility have gotten more updates than Construction.Mod Emiliee I think it was said that next year is going to have a little focus around Construction.also in a preview, "player owned ports".

Jagex is planning to work on Construction next year (2012). They mentioned this in the Player Feedback Library, Seventh Session, 12th(?) quote. It's easier to hit ctrl+f to open the "find" function and type in "Construction" and go to the second find.

I feel that Construction has the greatest potential of all the others skills in terms of versitility. Construction is my favorite skill, as it is my only 99.

JaGeX is always so stingy with things, and it seems they are afraid of giving players more reason to use a POH to do things, such as a place to change prayers or spellbooks.

I would love to see POH have not only more cosmetic items, but useful ones too, that allow us faster access to content that would otherwise go underused, you can enjoy it and make more items and Runescape Gold, you need to read each content and spend much time on it, in order to to play runescape game is more practiced.