Evil Tree Rework

Do you know the evil tree? You know it if you play the runescape game. Runescape Game is a popularity game all over the world. It adapts every ages people to play it , it is very interesting game. The Evil tree is one of the most fun D&D’s there is. That is a way to get more Runescape Gold and leveling up.many players like to play game in Evil Tree system, but there are some new content for Evil Tree system,i don’t know if you like the new content.

The system is made so you cannot be afked due to the roots, but you have enough time to talk meaning it’s good for the community. I have made many friend’s that way. Today we were chopping a willow and a magic tree, however we were disappointed about the rewards. When we did kill the evil magic tree, the second best evil tree there is, we got a reward worth total of meager 19k coins. The time we used to chop it down was roughly 20 minutes, meaning that I could have made more money elsewhere. The other tree’s also do give a meager reward. I think these rewards need to be reworked. Please change the Evil Kindling hand in.

Currently you can give them to the leprechaun for the price of… 25 coins each. That reward is just terrible, this should be an exp reward in firemaking, woodcutting or farming with a cash out reward of 1k ea. To prevent that everyone will chop the root’s instead of the main tree, add some evil tree bark, the better version of a evil tree kindling, however, this one can*t be used to set the tree on fire.

The Spirit tree should tell the location to everybody, not just completer’s of Tree Gnome Village, the tree will not offer you a teleport if you haven’t done the quest however. Also, the time the spirit tree’s tells should be made somewhat more accurate. Currently you only get a rough estimate, maybe once you helped Incomitatus in the quest The Path of Glouphrie, the spirit tree can give an exact timer, in hours-minutes-seconds. Also there should be a weekly option that will let the spirit tree say where the strange sapling is 5 minutes before it will appear.

Increase the time of autobanking, currently you cannot shop any higher leveled tree's due to the fact you can't chop these fast enough. Autobanking has become pretty useless due the sign of porters. Maybe the buff could be changed to something similar as we have with the shooting stars (i.*. chance for double logs) or just increased xp for the duration. Please, rework the leprechauns boost works with Elder tree log speed and Crystal geode spawn likelyhoods. If you have to log out and claim reward from tool leprechaun you get 50% banking time at the moment. I don't see why this restriction is still there and there are more difficult to get Runescape Gold.

What do you think about the Evil Tree Rework?Do you have some suggestions for how to get more Runescape Gold and leveling up?I am glad to hear if you have some ideas.