All skills 120 in RS future

With the development of Runesace Game,more and more people to play it.All players know skill is very important in game, it is essential if you want to leveling up or making Runescape Gold.You will have good equipment when you have good skills and much Runescape Gold.But now the question is there are need some new content in game, skill is necessary to change.

With 12k plus players now maxed and increasing fast and adding new skills to the game does not seem to be a priority in recent years, will RunseScape ever reach a number of max players where all skills will be increased to a level of 120? Or is the ultimate goal for the game the majority of players to be maxed? Well if you look at the combat skills, I feel as though the game would become way unbalanced if they were made to go up to 120. Think about the major difference in how high your hits would be.

I can see non-combat skills going up to 120 at some point, but if the combat skills were to go up to 120 you would have to either not scale their combat in accordance over level 99, or entirely rebalance the game. With the actual introduction of level 120 means they also have to create content for every skill till level 120. Like dungeoneering. I don't see that happening any near in the future to be honest. The reason they released 120 skillcapes is to show other people their effort. The 120 skillcapes are an achievement for reaching that exact point in the skill.

Level 110 weapons would be way to O.P, + the gap between level 90 and level 110 would be to great. Wich mean that they would need to create other weapons too, also mention that with the release of The Inventor skill next year alot of new weapons/armour/stuff will come out. Take the level 90 weapons which are already fairly strong, then add 20 more levels in stats to them. I think there would be definite balancing issues. Also what ways would you obtain such weapons. Obtaining level 90 weapons is already extremely difficult.Something that needs to be done imo with future bosses is make more bosses for each weapon.

Instead of KK dropping all the DW melees, you should have a boss for Dw fast, DW av, and DW fastest. Spread out the love. Don't just make a mage boss, a range boss, and a melee boss. The game either has to be slowed down, or 120 stats need to come out for continued content.Fair point about combat. There are some including myself that feel combat is way to overpowered anyways since EoC. I will give an example. For reference, I was maxed skills before EoC. Pre-Eoc, Slaying 200+ abyssal demons required either pray potions or food, using overlords and other things were very helpful. With revolution, I not only complete abyssal demons almost twice as fast, i need no potions or food. I am not complaining mind you. Like every thing else I expect all aspects of RS to get easier over time. They will just make harder slayer monsters and other monsters, like the muspah*, they require a lil food.

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