A perfect mode

The deadman is a super hot mode in the Runescape world,however there still is a group people complaining about it for all kinds of reasons,i do not want to give any judges to those words,instead,i would like to talk something really great in the deadman mode.(You may find a clue to get plenty Runescape gold!)

Deadman is literally perfect,so please do not make any major changes.Some one told me that there may be a change where you would only lose half your exp if you are skulked. This will completely ruin the awesomeness of deadman mode. Currently it is extremely difficult to become proficient at more than 5 skills making it necessary to work together with other players in order to progress. I don't see why anyone would want to change anything about the mechanics of deadman mode. It is everything Runescape should have always been and more. It's perfect and beautiful.

In a nutshell I've played on and off since classic. Love this game. Favorite game ever. Never played a game so consistently through my life. I came back to OSRS for the Deadman Mode release. This game mode is AWESOME. 5 x exp rates. Saved skills. exp loss on death making the option of skulking a real thinker, I like it, allot of people don't but i am okay with it. Jagex i am okay with every mechanic you placed in deadman. Minus one..small..detail. I feel is overlooked.

And if you truly value your players and hell if you want to keep taking mine and others money I think I could be greatly stood behind in this statement.

I should have to worry if I go into a multi zone. I should worry for my life. I should also worry, outside of a multi zone, i am still prone to attack, I should be weary. I should also have to be on my toes in the wilderness, in unguarded banks, in any unguarded zone. I however strongly, strongly feel, if I just braved the dangers of pulling a level and going to the mage arena to fight for my right to party with flames of zammy, I really really think, that when I return to Var-rock West Bank to bank items and celebrate my victory of prevailing the dangers of the wilderness.. I should not let it occur to me that i am going to walk into the bank and get dark bowed by a player hiding in a pile of 30 players. I should not get one hit in a guarded area. I should NOT.. have to be on my toes in an area where it is implied that if someone is going to attack me the guards will ensure peace and safety. I lost my bank (with exceptions to items held by the storage wizard p.s. love the storage wizard idea) .. I quit. I cannot tolerate this. I love this game, I love this game version. But lets draw a line somewhere Jagex. I get it. Deadman. We're all deadmen. But really? REALLY? that's not fair ( opinion.. of course just opinion) .. but darn it all... of everything you feel the need to keep in the game.. I think you overlooked something here guys. Feedback. please Jagex.

That’s the nice feelings for my experience in the deadman mode, and i am looking forward to your nice ideas for your experience for the dead man mode too!Have a nice day!